Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Going Faux

If like me and Sienna Miller you prefer to go faux (which seems to finally have the backing of many celebs). There's some great stuff out there.  

I also prefer to keep my faux furs to a minimum, adding a fur trimming here and there... so I've been on the look out for some perfect pieces for a 'just a touch of fur' look.

Fur Moments

The New Yorkers loved their fur. Big fur coats and crazy big fur hats. Don't know if i'm a major fan of such exaggerated head gear :).

This New Yorker (photographed by me!) had it just right. She was out shopping at Saks and made that big fur hood work. She teamed her classic channel clutch with a leather and fur hood combo. 
Noicely done.

 If furry head gear is the way forward then it best to scale down. This is as large and your furry head should go.

You know a trend is a trend when Queeny is having a go :). 

This was the beautifully decorated Saks Fifth Avenue.

Couldn't resist taking a cheekaaay pic of Chanel, it just look
so elegant and classic. 

This striking display was by the entrance, as far as I'm aware these             dresses where all Christian Lacroix. I pictured them as perfect for a winter wedding spread :).                                  . 

Weirdly Beautiful

This is my favourite pic of my trip. This photographed pretty well considering I was hanging out of a cab using my blackberry :).
This photo makes me think of how strange it is that something so man made and over indulged can be so beautiful and kind of inspiring.  


EW YORK NEW YORK. A few weeks ago I went to see my friend over there, and we had such an amazing time! Gorgeous shops, 'yummy' food, and mental nights out! :). Here are a few things I found out there... 


Ok so I'm new at this blogging sitch... so this is my first post :).
I've been meaning to post for a while now and I've got lots to talk
about so these posts will be coming thick and faaaaast.