Monday, 13 June 2011

Now it's MY turn to get on the search for a dress for my sisters 18th! I want something a bit different and quite special and I'm running out of places to look :s

I'm contemplating this cheeky number... it's either really elegant and grecian looking or looks like something out of a rap video... hummm 

Gorgeous Couture is always a great place to look for dresses for special occasions. I love this one above! They do it in a midnight blue colour which is gorgeous too. They do some really lovely ball gowns on this website. 

Here's me on the left sporting my Gorgeous Couture Bailey Maxi Dress :) 

Partaaay season!

I have a few partaaays coming up in the next month... one of them being my sisters 18th!!
Thanks to me, searching tirelessly for a 'statement' dress for her... This little beauty has taken her fancy. It's even more gorgeous in real life! The sequins have a pearlescent colour... kind of pinky/greeny and a bit of purply blue thrown in there too. And it weighs a tonne!

Allsaints Velutina one shoulder dress 

Thursday, 2 June 2011

I like to mix up my looks depending on what mood I am in. When the sun is finally shining, there's only ever one look that I'm in the mood for. My all time summer favourite...

This hippy beach magazine spread gave me a bit of inspiration... So I went on the hunt for some items for us to get our hands on/ internet shop aimlessly pretending we're going to purchase ;). 

There is nothing like a tassel or two to hippy up your style. I have this Topshop bag in electric blue, this beige shade is very day to day casual cool. 
Ok... how Un-Ralph are these bags. So so gorgeous. I have my eyes on the one on the left!

Crochet should be near the top of your hippy checklist. It is so summery and subtly sexy. I'm picturing these Topshop shorts with a rustic gold bikini, your grandad's straw hat and a killer tan... done.  

I bought this a few days ago, nice isn't it? Only £20 from New Look. I was pleased because I saw very similar ones in Topshop for £40. In fact this one is much nicer and cheaper! Well played me

I spotted these two tassel beauts in the Festival Boutique section of Allsaints (very cute stuff in this section of the website)

Alice - Olivia maxi skirt

Emilio Pucci maxi skirt

Another to add to the hippy check list are maxi skirts. I haven't yet got one for myself but the above are pretty good inspiration for finding one.   

Feeling hippyishhhh

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Work keeping me from my blog....

I haven't been very kind to my blog for a while so I thought I'd share some of my work thats been keeping me so busy!.. remember I was telling you about that eco project that I had to do...
well... we had to research into sustainable fashion, slow fashion and bla bla bla. Then we create a range of sustainable garments. This had to be either a collection for an existing brand or create a sustainable brand of our own.

So I decided to help out a brand called Bam Bamboo, their clothes are made from bamboo and are pretty cool... however in terms of style, hummm.. they're shitty.
So with my fashion know how, I'm designing some very noiccce bamboo garments.

Here is some of my WONDROUS work :)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Slow and Steady wins the race

I may not have mentioned this but I'm a 2nd year fashion design student at Leeds Uni :).
Our work recently has been directed a lot towards eco design, slow fashion and general sustainableness (definitely not a word) when it comes to fashion.

This could be a really cool project for me! I've always been really interested in eco issues and looking at creating a sustainable future, sooooo watch this space.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Summer Summer Summer

Dreaming about summer already?... heres some gorgeous swimsuit shapes to look out for :) 

Luci in the Sky spring/summer 2009/10

Original artwork from WGSN

Original artwork from WGSN

                                      La Perla Spring/Summer 2010                                                                   Original artwork from WGSN

 Mikoa Spring/Summer 2010

Daring enough for this one?? :)

White Sands Summer 2010/11

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Has anyone noticed Gillian Zinser.... 90210's Ivy looks great on and off screen!